Picture Day

I’ve been waiting for a perfect moment to dress him in this adorable shirt I got from Zulily. It’s all one piece, soft and comfortable-looking.

I’m so glad I decided to take some photos yesterday morning (and consequently show up to work a little late! oh the sacrifices we make). One of his teachers told me when I picked him up yesterday that he wasn’t a huge fan (I think they used the word “timid” on his sheet… lies! I’m sure he was wailing)

They had to wake him up from his nap for his photos, and then I woke him up from his nap to go home later, so he was a touch cranky when we first got home.

But, he is easily distracted with a few of his favorite things.

Okay, the shoes aren’t a favorite thing. Yet.

These are Padraig Alaskan slipper shoes, from Alaska, for reals. My friend who lives there sent them to us when he was born, and look how they still fit nice for this season! That’s my small dude.

Beat that, pro photographer man.

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