Did you miss me yesterday? I’d love to say that I was making the most of Halloween with my family, but alas, as Brian likes to say: I am a professional mom with professional responsibilities. I had a presentation yesterday to give to the head honchos, which is pretty much one of the scariest things ever on what is supposed to be the scariest day of the year, right?

Oh yes, and I was indeed dressed up for Halloween. Cause I roll like that.

Anyway, that presentation and the time I worked over the weekend is past me (for now), not that I’m bitter or anything at all cause I’m totally getting over it (ironic from just last week). Otherwise, Halloween weekend was a blast.

Jameson went as Tigger, courtesy of my mom who purchased the costume while she was visiting my brother at Disney World.

And this is one of the only pictures I have of him smiling this weekend. He’s too curious about his surroundings now and much less focused on me.

On Saturday, we went to Boo at the Zoo with our friends JP & Lisa, their son Jonathan, and friends Jason and Lisa and their new addition Vivienne.

Yes, Jonathan went as a Tiger too! And Miss Vivienne went as a Strawberry.

We took some group photos early, which was great, because shortly thereafter it got too dark to get photos without a flash.

Oh, and there’s me. Haven’t seen me in a while, have you? I cajoled Brian into taking my picture.

The zoo was decorated with Halloween lights and divided into sections designed for kids: Haunted Greenhouse, Magicians, Fire Jugglers, and Radio Disney was there too of course with Bieber fever crazed girls dancing to Bieber music.

That’s right, the screaming was not in terror, but excitement.

We went through the Haunted Greenhouse, but for the most part we just walked around, saw a few animals, and fed some animals babies.

Jameson finally fell asleep right when we were leaving, so it was way past his bedtime but worth it.

It was a nice activity to do with babies who can’t trick or treat just yet!

Speaking of trick or treat…

Sunday was our neighborhood’s day or trick or treating, so Brian and I walked Jameson around in the stroller. Not for candy, no sir-y, though we did obtain a few pieces. It was more for just letting Jameson look around, and of course to take a few more pictures of him in his costume.

We had a lot more kids than we expected, and ran out of candy 45 minutes in. But that gave us both the opportunity to walk around with Jameson, so that actually turned out well.

In our neighborhood, a lot of people set out fire pits at the foot of their driveway and pass out candy there. I actually thought that was pretty awesome, and Brian added that he’d do it right next year by adding a keg for the few dads that walk around with their kids. I laughed to see Brian get what I called “dad-knowledgement” whenever there was another dad out walking around with his kids.

Brian’s mom is sick with a cold, but she sent Aunt Melissa over with a little goody bag before trick or treat for Jameson which included a new cube toy. He loves it, and wouldn’t let go of it while we tried to take a few family photos.

Then we reached the very end of Jameson’s patience, and we stripped him of his costume and let him go play.

After all, this whole Halloween thing was, yes, pretty much about us this year.

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