Birthday Bash: Invitations, Check

They’re done and mailed! (Well, almost all of them. You know there are always a few that trail behind mass mailings, right?)

A few weeks ago I showed you my design, but no one called me out on my math fail. I said that I wanted them to be 4.25″ x 5.5″ (half a regular sheet of paper), which is not true at all, that’s like a quarter of a sheet of paper and far smaller than I wanted.

So I had to reinvent the wheel and enlarge my design.

I did go with Smart Press as was my original plan, but I decided to splurge a little on some nicer paper. What can I say? I love paper.

I even did everything the proper way: First I purchased their sample paper pack, which they offer for free with a promo code, afterwhich I chose my paper and placed my order. I chose their Felt Weave, Soft White for my invitations, and I love how they came out with texture.

In the past, I have done a poor job guessing how many invites I would need, and since increasing quantities didn’t affect my order total significantly, I pulled the trigger and purchased 75! invitations (oh no, we are not using them all, for sure!). They all came with nice envelopes (though I should note they are thinner envelopes than for example a wedding invitation of course).

$53 was my total including shipping, which may be over someone else’s budget but remember I’m having the party at home with mostly DIY decor and food. Oh, and I should mention the stamps. They’re forever stamps, and they’re winter themed, and are in his colors of greens and blues. Score!

As a final touch, I followed my inspiration party theme and included a card for guests to write thoughts, future hopes, blessings, or even draw pictures for Jameson’s time capsule. I’ll have extra cards at the party as well, but I want everyone thinking about a fun thing they can put in the capsule ahead of time.

The best part about these is that I printed them at home on scrap cardstock. Who has scrap cardstock? Yep, that’s me.

Invitations? Check.

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