That is all I have to say for this week. It pretty much was one big fail, with, yes, a few highlights. But mostly fail.

I wish Amazon had been more clear about their Lending Library because I spent a half hour picking out the book I wanted to borrow and then found out I couldn’t because Brian is the one who owns our Prime membership which means I actually CAN’T use it. There is nothing worse than getting really excited over something and then immediately disappointed.

Jameson’s school pictures: Really, they couldn’t use the gray background we requested, just the fall background? Why bother asking. What a waste. So glad that I take better photos anyway. But really, I probably would have bought a couple if they hadn’t been so terrible, and not because he wasn’t posing right or the usual reasons but because of the BACKGROUND.

And I have definitely not felt very balanced this week (IRONIC since I just was feeling good about everything), between working last weekend and my team deteriorating right before my eyes. I emailed myself a to-do list for home, not even for work, and all I really feel like doing when I get home? Play with Jameson, eat, watch tv, eat, go to bed.

Also, the high pitched low-battery beeping from some fire alarm for an hour before I had to get up this morning? Not Cool.


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