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I am nearly one month out from Jameson’s birthday, and one-ish short week from that until Christmas. What in the world am I doing buying Jameson more toys right now?

So far for his birthday and Christmas, I have planned mostly practical items, so he I deserve a little treat, right?

  • Winter snow suit
  • Winter boots (haven’t found those yet)
  • Sled? (unless we get Brian’s from his parents)
  • Some new pajamas and a cute t-shirt
  • Toothbrush sanitizer (I know, I know)
  • HABA discovery blocks
  • A couple books
  • A custom made board book (from here, I haven’t started this yet)

I just feel like he is developing so quickly I want him to get the most out of his toys. If that means a play table now instead of later, so be it .

If that means some balls to chase after (so fun to watch!), so be it.

Jameson is actually really playing with his toys recently too. He still enjoys banging the coasters, hitting door stoppers, eating the handles on the freezer and pulling up on the most inconvenient of places. But he is also spending a lot more time with his toys, which is so much fun to watch.

I am still excited for Christmas and his birthday. I don’t plan on jumping the gun on anything else, but these were definitely worth it. Jameson agrees.

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