Wash Hands

This post here is a confession to bad parenting, I’m sure.

Jameson is now crawling all over the house on his hands and knees, plus eating finger foods.

This makes for a bad combination for illness. Jameson has just gotten over yet another cold, and I just can’t be sure if it wasn’t us who gave it to him via a less-than-clean floor and lack of hand washing, or if it was daycare.

After several unsuccessful days of remembering hand washing, I finally put this note on his highchair.

Guess what? It’s working. It’s been one day and he hasn’t gotten sick again, and we’re actually washing his hands.

I think it’s time I put notes on everything we are forgetting: Vitamin D in the morning bottle; Brushing teeth; Washing face on non-bath nights (there’s two sinks in the bathroom so I suppose I could put on post it in each); Putting stain remover on his clothes.

Please don’t worry until I start sticking the notes to his body (clip fingernails).

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