1 Month to Go

Well, today Jameson turns 11 months old, and I would never have been able to guess this time last year what this year had in store for us.

When we first started trying, I had several requirements I gave to Brian: No September/late August birthdays, because of the school cut off. Preferably no birthdays in the summer either. And Nothing was more important than making sure we didn’t have a Christmas Baby.

Of course, we found out we were due Dec. 23 and I yes, I was tracking, and yes, it was preventable. But after a few months of negative testing,  you aren’t worried as much about the date of your baby’s birth.

Now, I didn’t end up having a Christmas Baby. But still, I kind of like that Jameson’s birthday falls at the end of the year. It’s a nice time when we’re already excited for the Holidays, for snow and Christmas lights and all those things you only get to break out for a short time (except Christmas music: yes I am one of those already listening to it). Jameson will always have a birthday during a season of celebration, and that is pretty awesome.

Jameson’s photo shoot today was fabulous. I got him right after he woke up and he was so cheerful and happy, it was wonderful. I took less photos and got better poses from him than I have in the past few months since he started trying to chew on the blocks.

At 11 months, Jameson enjoys sitting in the corner we actually made for the pup Sasha. The first couple times he went in the corner he giggled to himself like crazy. Aside from the corner, he likes to spin in circles on his butt, “wrestle” with dad, and there is nothing better than sneaking in a pet of Sasha before she runs away (and she runs away a lot now). He is learning how to open drawers and cabinets, so we are going to get baby locks on those very shortly.

Today I thought he might for the first time stack his blocks instead of just knock them over, but he’s not quite there yet!

He likes to say Ga and Ba a lot, but we don’t think they mean anything in particular yet.

Jameson loves to look at the pictures in books, particularly the baby touch and feel books. We have two, and he flips back and forth, turning the pages like they’re magic.

One thing we’ve been struggling with is nap time at daycare. He has recently started taking one long nap around noon or one, but he is exhausted by evening and cranky. We are trying to switch him back to a two nap schedule, but it affects his eating! I’m sure it will all work itself out soon though.

Jameson occasionally doesn’t care for the car seat and does that sneaky stiff-baby move, but he’s not strong enough (yet) to cause any big trouble. He also is needier and likes to be picked up and held, so he gets to play on mom’s lap in the evenings a lot until he decided that it actually is more fun to be able to move around and explore himself.

This photo shoot he rocked himself back and forth to make the glider move!

I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us this month!

Happy 11 months Jameson!

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