Family Photo Winter Edition

This weekend, I finally got us all up, showered, and dressed fancy for a family photo shoot early in the morning while Jameson is in a good mood. We have the remote clicker for the camera, a blank wall (which will not be blank soon!) and a obedient puppy, so we thought we’d give it a shot. Last time we took photos of all of us dressed up, it was Easter and Jameson was about 4 months old.

Brian forgot to wear shoes. Sasha didn’t want to sit or look at the camera (neither did Jameson). I have a double chin in most of the photos, ugh, and was sweating buckets since it was actually 60 degrees out that day. So, yes as usual, it was pretty crazy.

I know you’re dying to see the official, proper family photo. What if I told you we didn’t get one?

That’s a lie, we totally got a good one. I mean, I did have to swap out Jameson’s head though, and Brian is holding his clicker in a very obvious way. But no, I’m not showing you the official family photo, yet.

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