December Babies

Friday Jameson got to visit his friend Mark for the second time. Mark and Jameson were born just a week apart, but we live hours away. The past couple visits, Jameson has been sick with a cold or cranky, but we finally were able to get together again.

THEN: June, about 6 months old.

NOW: November, 11-1/2 months old

In June, they were barely sitting upright by themselves. Jameson had just started, and Mark wasn’t quite there yet. I was taking pictures without a flash. And now they’re standing, crawling. Mark is walking with walk-behind toys and climbing (yes! climbing!).

We corralled them in the family room and watched them play. Jameson had his first experience with a walk-behind toy and enjoyed it!

And this cutie? He started out his life in the NICU for a week just after birth with a gastrointestinal bleed. Look at him now. Perfectly healthy and happy.

“He’s too young to get a hair cut,” Katie told me. I completely agree. I am digging the mohawk, it’s completely adorable.

I only wish we could get together more often!

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