Best Laid Plans…

This weekend was kind of  a bummer.

Friday, I left work early to pick up a sick baby. Jameson was clearly exhausted, and had vomited twice at daycare and then once again at home before taking a long nap. After that though he appeared to get better, no fever and very active. But we had an incident Friday night, then Sunday morning and Sunday evening. He’s otherwise very active and not acting sick except for the super long naps and a little bit of a whiny disposition.

(He’s being whiny in this photo. This is crying, not yelling or other fun baby noises, but I swear it looks like he’s smirking at me too)

The super bummer part came after Brian and I had our date night on Saturday, he woke up Sunday feeling ill. I thought it might be food poisoning, honestly, but he’s got that sickly hot-cold feeling, so I think he caught what Jameson has, only worse.

Sunday ended up mostly being something like this for Brian.

And this, because Jameson doesn’t seem to understand that he’s sick. Crazy baby. He’s not eating or drinking much of anything, so we’re just keeping him hydrated as much as possible and waiting it out. With no fever, there’s not much we can give him unless it gets worse and we need to head to the doctors’.

So, that also meant no Christmas tree this weekend. I did get a few decorations up, and we put up Christmas lights a couple weeks ago, so while Brian was miserable on the couch, I went camera happy and took some photos. After I made him pasta for dinner. Good thing he didn’t have much of an appetite, since I suck at cooking.

This garland is what is going to hold my advent stockings next year when I obtain all my ornaments.

This is a live rosemary tree. It smells lovely, and I am hoping I don’t kill it, I’d love to plant it next year. And in the background…

These are styrofoam snowflakes hanging from the banister upstairs. Last year, I did bulbs, which I still have, but I wanted to do something more neutral for Jameson’s party. These were precut like this, but I bought some circles too so I can try my hand at making my own smaller versions to go with them.

And the outside…

This is our street. That’s right, only 3 houses on my street, cul de sacs at either end (like a bone). We all happened to use white icicle lights, which looks lovely coming up the road.

(The lots were bank owned since the builder went under, but recently were purchased by another builder, so I am actually looking forward to possibly having more neighbors in a couple years.)

Unfortunately tonight Jameson will be missing out on the Polar Express! The Cuyahoga Scenic Railroad does this every year, and we were really looking forward to going with our friends, but the smart parental choice says that since he was sick yesterday evening, and Brian is also still ill, it wouldn’t be wise to go because we are germ carriers, even if it was just Jameson and myself.

Hopefully everyone will start to feel better soon!

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