Digging Holes: The Grand Finale

This weekend, I finally got around to digging up my gladiola bulbs. They’ve been done blooming for a while now, but per the directions I found online, I waited until the leaves started turning yellow.

So while Brian was sick and Jameson napping, I went outside and used some muscle. Just kidding, it was kind of wet out so it was really easy.

Okay guys, these bulbs are GROSS. Is this normal? They are covered in what looks like little white mushrooms! Perhaps I waited too long and they began to rot. This is disgusting.

I have mutant bulbs in there too because apparently I planted some too close together and they’ve become siamese bulbs. Ewwww

How could something so pretty be so revolting underneath? (I know that has to be a metaphor for something)

Ugh. Just ugh.

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  1. I may be wrong, but it looks like in the second picture your bulbs are starting to multiply. But then again, I’ve never planted gladiolas, so I’m certainly not the expert.

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