Delicious Morning

It was a great morning today with everyone feeling better. It was delicious, not in the tasty food way, but in the have-time-to-cuddle and get-to-see-Jameson way. Jameson was up early this morning so I got to feed and dress him this morning, which is always fun. I came into work a little later but it was worth it.

I have just over a week to prepare for his 1st birthday party! I can hardly believe the time that’s gone by. Recently, he has started waving at us with his whole arm, he is so excited. It’s the best feeling to come into a room and have him wave at you like he just saw you for the first time in a while. (It’s not unlike Sasha’s excitement whenever we leave and come back; dogs are so similar to babies)

Whenever he falls, I says “boom!” to make it funny and distract him from what otherwise might be an unhappy moment. I’ll also say boom when toys drop to the ground loud. The other night, I was almost certain he was trying to say Boom too with a “buh buh”. He has also finally discovered his “d’s” so we’re waiting for a “da da da” to come out.

Jameson likes to spin around in circles on his butt, just moving his legs to get around in a circle. It’s adorable, and I’d love to get it on camera (I did get one haphazard one at the end of this video), but recently he has been less easy to photograph. The other night I was trying to get him to “drink” from the bucket (there wasn’t any water in it) like he does at play and bath time, but he didn’t want to do it for the camera again. He either gets distracted when I get the camera out, or he comes running crawling really fast toward me to get at it. Or to be held, he really likes to be held a lot recently.

I’m thinking that this is just a phase (and really, no adults are trying to jump in their parents arms like that), so I am not too worried about this. In fact, I kind of enjoy it, especially when he’ll lay his head against me for a moment (just a moment). The only other time he is still like that is when he is sitting looking at books with us. He loves the baby touch and feel books, but all books must seem like magic to him when he flips the page and a new picture appears.

I think he just wants to see things from a new vantage point when he wants to be held, but I don’t think he’ll be walking by next week. He is really good with his walk behind toy, much better than when we try to walk with him with our hands. He really does like to do things himself. But as yet, he’s not standing on his own beyond a moment or two when he lets go of whatever furniture he’s holding onto.

Speaking of furniture, he is really loving cabinets, so we finally purchased some locks that Brian will be putting on this weekend on a few cabinets. I don’t really mind him getting into the pots and pans, or the towels, so those will probably stay unlocked. In some ways, since I don’t see him as often because I work, it’s actually made life really easy and less stressful. If he wants to bang on some pans while I’m home, that’s fine. Hopefully I’ll be able to turn around the relaxed attitude a little and give it some boundaries as he gets older.

For now, I am really enjoying him as a baby, and while I love that he is getting bigger and I’m happy he’s moving into the new room at daycare with other 12-18 month olds (particularly because he gets to move up with his friend), I am also wishing I could just pause him right here for a little bit.

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