DIY Sauna

Saturday I was putting clothes away while Jameson played. He likes to play around our tub, particularly the metal handles which are fun to chew on. Usually we throw a towel over the handles so that he doesn’t injure himself gnawing on them.

He was messing with it anyway so I picked him up and shut the bathroom.


Brian was done working outside, getting his car in the garage finally for the winter, and preparing to shower.

“Come see the gift your son left you” he yells. I usually equate such sarcastic-sounding “gifts” to mean “poop”, but I wasn’t really sure how that could have occurred without me knowing.

Nope, Jameson had made a sauna out of the bathroom. Hot water filled the tub, soaking the bath mat Jameson dumped in there earlier, and one of my socks too.

Apparently, the water was on very low and I hadn’t heard it because it was hitting the towel. Lesson learned: keep the drain open. Well, even that wasn’t a big deal since there is an overflow drain. So maybe the lesson was to keep socks out of the bathroom.

The DIY sauna meant instant hot water for Brian’s shower, and a nice warm upstairs for me.

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