Merry Christmas

I’m a little early, but if it’s December 24 & 25 when you read this, then I’ll be right on time.

I’m taking a short break. Today is my last day working for the year (that sounds so fun to say), and I’m going to take a break blogging at least through Christmas, maybe a little more. I’m going to spend some time watching Jameson without recording (though I’m sure I’ll do that later haha) and enjoy him a lot.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Christmas too.

P.S. Jameson had his one year check up yesterday. He is 18 pounds and change (10th percentile) and 30 inches long (50th percentile), following the same curve he has been this whole year. A healthy almost-toddler. He had to get 3 shots, and blood drawn to test for anemia and lead, as a precaution, though I am sure he is fine. He was a brave little boy through it all.

P.S.S. He gave me two (open mouth) kisses on Tuesday night. How cute and how gross! This morning he gave his daddy one too so he didn’t feel left out.

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