Dog Days of Winter

On Thursday, my good friend Emma and her fiance Joe dropped in to stay the night in the middle of their trip back from Chicago to New Jersey. They brought their adorable vizsla puppy with them, so we took Sasha to Brian’s parents for the night.

Cobalt is cute and nimble and curious. Jameson loved him, of course.

On another note, New Years resolutions are usually hard to keep. However, I tried on my bridesmaid’s dress for Emma’s wedding and oops, it no longer fit me. So while I am usually against specific resolutions like losing weight, in this case I’ll make an exception.

The only other time I’ve been successful at losing weight (aside from giving birth and nursing) is when I was counting my calories. So I’ve joined myfitnesspal (mostly because they have a highly rated app for my iPhone as well). So far, so good. Two days down, 6 months or so left to go.

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