Cheers to 2012!

For New Years this year, we went over to our friends Jonathan, JP & Lisa’s house. We also decided to spend the night there, with Jameson in tow. I am not sure how soon we’ll be doing that again, since Jameson decided to rise at 5 am (I am sure the unfamiliar feel of our pack and play had something to do with it)

Our friends Jason and Lisa were there as well with their daughter Vivienne, and our friend Kyle was there as well (between the 3 families with babies, I am pretty sure we were good birth control reminders for Kyle).

Vivienne is getting so big! I love her adorable cheeks.

Here are the boys, and lady Vivienne. The flash didn’t fire for this photo, but as they say, black and white covers a lot of sins.

We had JP’s famous taco dip (my favorite), a new buffalo chicken dip, and bacon wrapped water chestnuts and mini hot dogs from Brian. For dessert, Jason brought his famous brownies (the secret ingredient is cinnamon). Since my diet didn’t start until the next day… I had four.

Jameson didn’t get to try any of that, but we did offer him cheese, pulled pork, and the homemade macaroni and cheese we all had for dinner. He preferred the crackers though, haha.

After dinner it was play time again! Jameson sat on Jonathan’s new ride on/walk behind car for a little while, but he couldn’t figure out how to make it go while he was sitting on it. He looks like such a big boy here, doesn’t he!? Also, I was completely thrilled to get him and Jonathan looking at the camera.

Jonathan and Jameson got to open their gifts from each other! Jonathan got a bead maze, onesie, and trucks. Jameson got an “mp3 player” and Thomas train that moves when you shake it.

Jonathan was thrilled with the wrapping paper!

Toward the end of the evening, Jameson started to get fussy and it was clear it was bed time. I took his pacifier away to try and get a picture of him on my favorite couch of Lisa’s, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

It took Jameson a while to fall asleep that night because he was overtired and teething, but he finally fell asleep. Vivienne was a night owl and stayed up until midnight to watch the ball drop, while Jonathan fell asleep but got up shortly after midnight to greet the New Year.

Happy 2012 everyone!

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