My 2012 Capture 365

Here’s how this post was supposed to start:

This year, I am doing Capture 365, a picture a day. I hope you’ll follow my picture a day project for 2012 on Flickr! Pictures may not be loaded every day, but I will be taking them every day. I am planning to capture everyday life: Jameson, Brian, Sasha, food, fun. I hope to break out my prime lens more often. I hope to become a better photographer. And if I get stuck, there are always places to find inspiration. But it will be fun regardless!

Here’s how it’s starting in actuality:

Yesterday I already forgot to take a photo. What do you do when you are 5 days into a project this big and you already screw up? I don’t suppose you give up, do you? I feel pretty ridiculous that I’ve already forgotten. But as this is my personal project, I suppose I can make my own rules, right?

I have decided that instead, I will take two pictures today. One picture must be of something that was there yesterday, to represent yesterday’s photo.

If I had remembered to take a photo yesterday, it would have been a photo of our Chipotle meal. Yesterday, Brian and I played racquetball for an hour and 15 minutes while Brian’s mom babysat. I burned some 500 calories and earned permission to eat my whole burrito bowl from myfitnesspal. It was so good to stuff myself silly after feeling deprived all week.

Since I didn’t remember, maybe I will dig through the trash to find the Chipotle bag? More likely, it will be of another Christmas decoration: We are taking them down this weekend. Jameson is showing a real interest in the Christmas tree now after weeks of leaving it alone.

Jameson used my belly while I laid on the floor last night to lift himself up and stand by himself for a few moments. It was cute, he did it over and over, about 5 times, before crawling over top of me to get to the other side. The best toys were on the other side. The photo of Jameson on January 4 for the 365 project was him standing up by himself for a second! He still won’t really let us help him practice walking though. This child sure does want to do everything on his own, I am sure we’re going to be in for it a few years down the road…

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