Saturday Morning

Today Jameson turned 13 months old! I can’t wait to share the photos from our shoot this morning — that’s right, we’re continuing with the block photos this year. I am guessing that he will change even more in this year than the one prior. Starting with this weekend.

On Saturday, it was my turn to get up early with Jameson. First, he stacked rings back on the holder, 3 in a row!

They were on backward, but he made it work.

Then, he played in the corner for a little bit. Both Jameson and Sasha like to hang out in corners.

We played with a cup and put blocks in it for a little while.

Then, he recently started rolling around on the floor and putting his head on pillows when he is being silly on purpose.

He’s playing with his favorite stuffed animal in the whole world, his lovey, he little bear. Little Bear is usually a bed and naptime only, but since we instituted pacifiers only at bed and naptime this last week, I decided to let him enjoy some play time during the day.

Then we took a few self portraits. They were all out of focus. We’re both in our pjs.

Jameson learned how to make the music go on his “boom box” and it occupied him for a full 10 minutes.

During breakfast, Jameson started clicking his tongue. I spent the next hour trying to get video of it, but only got myself, acting like a crazy woman.

It was definitely a productive morning!

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