Tunnel Play

For Jameson’s birthday, Brian got him the Mega Land play set. For about a month, we’ve only had a tunnel portion set up, but last week we put up the playhouse portion.

Isn’t Brian cute? I love watching him play with Jameson. It’s so great to see him being such an involved and happy father.

Sasha wanted to play too. She was concerned when her favorite people disappeared!

Then, we put up the whole shebang and it overtook the living room for the weekend.

We had Miss Lily from next door come over to play.

She’s not a fan of confined spaces though, so she only wanted to play in the open portion of the set.

It was fun, and it easily folds up to a thin stack that we put in between the wall and the toy box. It came with a lot of balls too, which was fun for Jameson. He learned how to throw the little basketball and chase after it!

He also tried to crawl out of the tiny little holes for the balls at one end, getting one arm and half a face out. Too funny!

Then they got bored and decided to play with the subwoofer buttons.

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