Steps to Toddler-hood

Jameson isn’t quite walking yet, but he’s so close!

January 7, he took two steps from the couch to Brian; a week prior he had taken one accidental step to me. Last week, it was three steps, and yesterday? A record breaking 5-1/2!


He only wants to do it when we set him on his feet away from us. Sometimes, not even then. He’ll bounce up and down instead of standing up straight. But, yesterday at daycare the ladies tried to get him to walk to me, but he went to the floor and crawled over instead. So they are working on him too!

It probably helps that he is finally keeping on his skidders. We needed something to stay on his feet, and finally found the combination of socks + skidders stay on all day. I’m not a huge fan of the skidders since you pay quite a bit and they seem to deteriorate pretty quickly, but so far they are working until we get proper shoes for a little walker.

A little walker. Soon!

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