Bridesmaid Woes

I’m losing weight. Counting calories is working for me again. At first, I felt like I was starving myself. It’s true that your body adjusts though, and I feel pretty good now. Except my constant craving for chocolate and pasta. But that is totally normal. Honestly, I’m not pregnant or breastfeeding, I don’t need to consume 12,000 more calories a day anymore. Just 1,200, cause I’m sedentary. Woes of an office job.

Goal 1, fit in my first set of smaller pants, is met as of today! Now I need to fit into the second set, and then that bridesmaid’s dress I already bought. Woes of a bridesmaid.

Speaking of bridesmaid… planning for my friend’s shower is well underway. Invitations went out on Monday, so they should arrive today or tomorrow.

(I need to mention here that I re-created and modified a design I saw on another site; therefore this design was solely for my personal use and no profit will ever be gained from it. Hence the line through it.)

The best part is that they were free, though not without some trials and tribulations. I printed these with Vistaprint, but they gave them to me for free after two sets of them came with various defects (the first set I bought, half of them had lines down the side; the second set, all of them had a white line on the back top). Luckily, Emma had cut down her list somewhat and I didn’t have to use many of the defected ones at all.

The fonts are from the Lost Type Co-Op; Wisdom Script & Mensch.

EMMA – if you are reading this, you should stop here unless you want to ruin one of your gifts.





I also had Thank You’s printed in the same design, and pre-labeled envelopes for her as a bonus. Isn’t addressing Thank You’s the worst? This is part of my shower gift for her.

These I actually printed with BestValueCopy, which I have used before for other projects. They print great, I’ve never had any problems. Unfortunately, they don’t have paper stiff enough for invites, but for Thank You’s it was perfect. Their index paper is almost a semigloss. I had envelopes from previous projects, but you could get them in bulk easily enough.

As for decorations, I’ve been collecting wine bottles and baby jars, I just need to decide what to do with them. Next weekend, I am going to visit the room to see what it looks like so I can continue moving forward with the planning. Stay tuned!

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