Sick and Happy

Jameson and I have both been sick for a few days now. Since Thursday, to be more exact. We had to miss Jameson’s first sign language class this new session.

He gave me his cough, but at least I am missing the snotty nose this time. As it turns out, he probably has RSV since the daycare notified us he was exposed, but the doctor didn’t bother testing for it since it seems that he is breathing without difficulty. She did find his very first ear infection though, in his left ear, so we started on our very first round of antibiotics for it last night.

Meanwhile, he hasn’t been acting very sick. He has been taking long naps, but while he is awake, he is super charged. His latest feat is sticking out his tongue…

And pushing the play table like it’s a walking toy.

It was windy and snowy (though we didn’t get much accumulation) this weekend, so we stayed inside, did laundry, and ran just a couple errands.

Jameson had his first Sam’s Club food-tasting experience. We gave him some sample soft pretzel and yogurt, which he loved, and some grapefruit which he seemed to like until we bought it and tried it for breakfast the next day. Oh well.

He also broke through two more teeth up top towards the central back of his mouth, so I think they are his first molars. But there are more to come! He still has one coming in on the bottom front, and I think there’s another molar or two on the bottom working their way up.

All in all, the past couple weekends have been slow, catch up, soak up the time type weekends which I’ve really enjoyed.

Even still, we stay pretty busy:

P.S. Jameson posed for some Valentine’s Day shots over the weekend, but I’m keeping them under wraps until closer to the day.

P.S.S. We are practicing walking a lot and he is doing well, going between mom and dad. Won’t be long I think!

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  1. Logan is the same way! He was super sick with an ear infection this weekend and I didn’t know anything was wrong until he ran a high fever. He just was playing and happy!
    Logan isn’t walking yet but pushes EVERYTHING around the house, including his play table too! Boys are silly huh? He finally stood up on his own the other day so we’ll see…

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