Wednesday Night Babies

Yesterday I got my hair cut after work. It’s always a bit of an event, since I only get my hair cut 2-3 times a year. Maybe 4, if I’m really on top of it. It’s a small splurge of mine, though considering that I go very infrequently, maybe not as much as a splurge as I think. I go to the fancy salon, I get my hair cut by my favorite curly hair cutter, Melanie, and then she straightens my hair. And I tip her like crazy, because no one has ever cut my hair like this lady. Love.

Since I only have straight hair a couple times a year (because I am way too lazy busy to do it outside of haircutting days), that means I extend my straight hair for 2-3 extra bonus days.

Today, at work:

Meanwhile, yesterday, Brian and our neighbors came over for what they are calling Babies and Beer night Wednesdays. Which doesn’t sound all that positive or responsible, though I assure you it is. Two men, watching their kids play and have a drink.

I came home shortly before bedtime and immediately asked: Did you take any PHOTOS?!

Of course not, so I had to take a few.

This is Surfin’ Elmo (who has the most annoying voice EVER). Jameson isn’t sure how to rock on him yet, but he likes to get on and off and sit up and down on him. It’s pretty cute. (Lily wasn’t too sure, and I don’t blame her, though she did climb on for a moment by the end of the evening)

We say this nearly every time they get together, but Jameson and Lily really are interacting a lot more. Yesterday, Brian said they waved at each other from across the room for about 5 minutes straight. Too cute! I’m sorry I missed it.

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