Rules and Whatnot

I know that I break all kinds of photography rules all the time.

My photos aren’t perfect, but I’m learning more as I go. I haven’t taken a class yet, though that is something I’d like to do.

Sometimes though I think I’m best off living in ignorance, where I don’t look at my photos and nitpick until no photos are accepted and approved to be seen by other humans.

I might not then post photos like this: where I took self portraits with Jameson, my camera perched on a pillow and I had to crop outrageously inward, creating that noise you see clearly by my neck.

Or when I don’t convert to black and white, I get that strange washed out glare from the windows behind us. But I still love it anyway.

There are all kinds of rules about light, and I am pretty sure this doesn’t qualify as a good photo to anyone, but I love how the sun glows on his skin. Even if the highlights are too extreme. The light was wonderful that evening, pouring into the living room and kitchen. (Us Clevelanders know how to appreciate the sunlight when we get it so rarely)

I tried to capture more of it, and ended up with more washed out photos.

Easy enough to convert to a vintage wash and make it look on-purpose.

It was a great evening to skip packing for my visit to my parents the following day, and just enjoy Jameson playing. And take some photos, forget the rules for now. I’ll be better tomorrow.

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