Be Mine? XOXO, Frankenstein

After a couple weeks of great progress, Jameson started refusing to walk for us. It may have had something to do with his ear infection, but he hasn’t picked back up again since. We’re a little disappointed. He was doing so well, and now we get barely 2 Frankensteined steps out of him before he plops back down on the ground.

We took these Valentine’s photos a couple weeks ago, on January 28. He was a good sport in the chair. Or a show off. Maybe he knew he was wearing a “Most Eligible Bachelor” shirt?

But once we tried to take walking shots, he wasn’t a fan. He’s actually crying here. Would you know it if I didn’t tell you that?

(Maybe instead of his ear infection preventing walking progress, he is concentrating on learning other new skills, like sticking out his tongue! He is enjoying imitating right now, and while I was at my parents, I made the sign for “Fan” which we just learned last week, and he swirled his hand too! The next morning, I am pretty sure he signed “more”.)

It’s so very hard to believe that last year, he was posing next to roses (without bothering them). Like this:

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