New Walker

When I arrived to pick up Jameson from daycare on Tuesday, 2/21, I saw that Brian had put on Jameson’s new shoes for the day. We purchased them a couple weeks ago, and tried them out here and there, but hadn’t sent him to daycare in them yet.

It was like magic: Jameson walked over to me from the play mat all the way to the door, his longest time yet. Magic shoes.

Then, he just seemed to get it that evening. All evening long, he would stand up himself, like he had been practicing behind our backs. Then off he’d go, walking where he used to crawl. Off the shoes came, and still he walked around. The daycare insists they really helped.

Wednesday night I had to get video of our new walker. Up and down, over and over, but he’s consistently trying and walking. He’s trying to carry everything he can, too.


We are so proud of our new little walker. I can’t believe how he went from barely walking between us one day, to taking a few tentative steps away from furniture himself the next, to full blown walking after that. I thought for sure we had another couple weeks before he really got the hang of it.

Now? He barely touches the walking toys unless he decides his walking isn’t fast enough. Then he grabs the toy and practically runs with it!

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