Never Jinx a Sleeping Baby

Last night, Brian and I along with his dad and family friend Craig went to see a Pink Floyd tribute band, Brit Floyd, while Aunt Melissa baby sat. (Brian’s mom was supposed to go, but she caught the most recent Jameson/Brian illness with an ear and sinus infection as well.)

Remember how I said I was tired? I sipped my rum and coke, and then… Yep, I fell asleep in the middle. The music was so mellow (loud, but mellow). Perfect for taking a little snooze.

I particularly enjoyed (from the songs that I heard all the way through) Comfortably Numb, Pigs, and High Hopes.

On the way home, Brian and I chatted about how well Jameson has been sleeping the past two weeks (completely through the night, no pacifier runs needed). We discussed taking him off the pacifier in the next couple weeks and just pulling off that band aid.

Irony of ironies, last night Jameson decided to wake up and scream (scream!) at 4:30 in the morning.

Recently, Jameson has decided that walking around is more fun that eating, so dinners have been small. We thought maybe he was hungry and so we went ahead and prepared a bottle. Which he didn’t want at all.

After falling asleep on dad and waking up when being laid back down, I got up for my turn and gave him some Advil. His teachers yesterday thought he might be teething again though we hadn’t seen any signs of it prior.

Advil and 15 minutes of rocking later, he went back into his crib without a peep.

A few days ago, I noticed a bottom molar in, but couldn’t tell if the other molar on bottom was broken through or not, so maybe that was the problem.

…Or more likely it was because we jinxed it by talking about it.

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