Little Moments

This past weekend was full of little moments.

Friday I captured Jameson’s recent discovery on how to really play peek-a-boo. He now covers his eyes with his hands, rather than around his ears like the home-alone kid.

Jameson will, when he is in a good mood, pose for the camera now.

He decided to climb over, and sit on, dad’s head on Saturday.

I got a little stir crazy and insisted we do something fun with Jameson, so we spent 15 minutes playing in the water. This is what Longaberger basket inserts are good for.

He was soaked through after that.

I introduced him to the pull along puppy. He doesn’t quite have the hang of it yet, he wants to pull the puppy in front of him.

Sunday we lazed around as well after we all (all!) made it to church together. Oh, I guess we did go to Target too and bought a ridiculous amount of stuff. Love that Target.

I even made it in a photo or two myself.

We would do most anything for this face:

And, a little moment from this morning. Brian will say that he is not responsible for things he says while still waking up, but here’s how this morning went:

Hilary: Oh look, there’s 100% chance of rain today (actual number on the tv, meanwhile it’s storming outside)
Brian: You have 100% chance of being beautiful today.
/End Cheesiness

Yep, they’re both mine, you can’t have them 🙂

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