Over the River and through the Woods!

Grandma and grandpa had a lot of fun with Jameson this time around! He has been in such a great mood the past few days, less cranky in the evenings and just a joy to be around. Plus, grandma and grandpa got to experience some walking!

Bonus was that Aunt Holly was there too! In fact, we picked her up from college on our way, and dropped her back off when we left. It was nice to have some company during that long 3-1/2 to 4 hour drive.

The key is to keep Jameson occupied and entertained by moving him around and introducing new/old toys. My parents stored a Little Tikes car in the basement from when I was probably just a little older than Jameson. The car was dirty, but grandmas and grandpas don’t care about that sort of thing inside their home.

Jameson loved making his “vroom vroom” spitting noises, getting driven by grandma and grandpa all over the house, and getting in out of the car the right way, and the wrong way on the opposite side.

The dogs, as always, were a favorite part of the visit.

Shiloh is always up in his business, but Jameson got her back by stealing her dog bed several times.

Jameson even read a book to himself there. I swear he was pointing at the dogs in his book and talking about them. I think he may understand that dogs say “woof woof” because he makes a distinctly different sound while looking at dogs on occasion that sounds a little like “wuh”. His favorite dog book is Doggies by Sandra Boyton.

Grandma played a lot of Trotty off to Boston with him. Do you know Trotty off to Boston? You bounce baby on the knees, facing either way, and say this scary sounding old rhyme: “Trotty off to Boston to buy a loaf of bread, Trotty back home again and old… Trots… DEAD” and drop pretend to drop that baby down to the floor. Jameson LOVES it. Pretty much anything like a thrill ride will keep Jameson going for hours.

We also practiced our new skills with stacking. My mom has saved these stacking cups from Discovery Toys that Jameson stayed focused on for a while. In their newest iteration they have fun edges. They are out of stock now, but I’m watching them. The nice thing about these is that they come with 12 cups (versus the typical 8 in these kinds of sets).

Oh, contrary to what you might think, Jameson did have regular clothes on for some of the time he was there. We didn’t keep him in pajamas all day, I swear.

It was so nice coming again so soon, Jameson is really starting to pick up on going to grandma and grandpa’s house and doesn’t seem intimidated when we go now at all. He is a lot more comfortable with grandpa (Men are scary you know) and he sleeps well there. The car ride home was much better this time as well (I didn’t even have to use my new children’s CDs!) Jameson was up for 2 hours straight in the car with minimal complaining! Way to go Jameson.

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