A Beautiful Day for a Neighbor Visit

Yesterday, we hit 67 and today we will hit 68 and sunny (SUNNY!). So we’ve been pulling around Jameson and Lily in our wagon, hanging out outside, enjoying the nice weather and the evening sunlight pouring into our living room.

Sunday, Lily and her dad came over for a visit. Lily and Jameson are very different (aside from the fact that they are four months apart in age). Lily is prim and proper, picks up after herself, uses utensils and keeps herself neat. What a little lady! Jameson is pretty much a little hooligan.

Lily was beside herself when Jameson started dumping his cheerios on the floor. He was doing it on purpose, since his snack cup has that lid that is supposed to prevent accidental spills. He grabbed handfuls and just scattered them across the floor.

So, she gave him some of her cheerios. Which he also tossed on the floor.

We gave up on the cheerios for Jameson and took them away.

Since it’s so nice out, Brian put together the little basketball hoop for Jameson that we had in the basement. We haven’t taken it outside yet, because we’re missing a piece, but Jameson enjoyed playing with it inside.

This one is out of focus, but it cracks me up. Jameson decided to throw his bear through the hoop too. Lily’s expression in the background is great. “You’re doing it wrong!”

Then we went outside. Jameson looks so mellow and relatively unexcited here, but I promise you he has walked over to the wagon EVERY. DAY. since then. This is not his first wagon experience, but it is his first in a while. When we get home from work, he attempts to climb in it or push it around. He loves it!

And here are a few fun Instagrammed moments from recent lovely evenings as well. Follow me @hilaryrose620

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