Rock and Roll

Jameson is 15 months old today, I can hardly believe it.

Brian and Jameson like to hang out in the basement and play guitars. Jameson will point to the basement door saying “duh duh”. He cries when Brian leaves him upstairs. This is their man-thing to do together. It’s pretty awesome.

Recently Jameson has started shaking his head no at things he doesn’t want, being a little ladies man by giving the girls hugs and sitting in their laps at daycare (yikes), and laughing when we all laugh even if he doesn’t know the reason (which makes us laugh harder).

We went to visit our friends and their brand new 2 month old baby Rylan on Wednesday night (and I forgot my camera, to my utter despair). We left Jameson behind for the first time since his pacifier elimination and I am so proud to say he was a champ for Aunt Melissa. He is officially done with pacifiers.

Contrary to what we thought initially, he still has one molar he’s breaking through, so we are happy to add Advil to the nightly routine since he’s missing the pacifier comfort. Also on the nightly routine is a prescription steroid creme to get rid of the eczema-like rash on his shoulder that didn’t go away with just hydro-cortisone. Jameson has a check up next Wednesday anyway, so that is all good, and it doesn’t seem to bother him.

Jameson loves to greet Sasha when we come home in the evening and push the wagon around (and insist on trying to get in it). He’s not climbing yet though, for which we are thankful. He says Uh-Oh and Aha (which is Sasha), as well as mom and dad. He said “duh” for “that”, and “door”. He can get his own shoes off.

He loves to be outside. He’s going to be so much fun this summer.

P.S. Rylan? She was adorable, and SO TINY. Perspective changes so much as your own get bigger and bigger.

She has lovely elfin ears and snuggles up against you. I’m (almost) jealous. We reminisced about the days with Jameson (and as for myself, not with a whole lot of nostalgia at all), and commiserated with them on the woes of newborn ways, all while we watched her sleep, snuggle, wave her mighty arms, and be adorable. We made plans to visit the wineries, haha.

This weekend is packed full of fun events for which I will take a ridiculous amount of photos for, so be prepared. Be prepared for matching baby boys in green on Sunday.

Rock and roll this weekend, see you Monday!

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