Going French

On St. Patrick’s Day, Brian and I decided to go French.

It was a busy day overall! Saturday morning, I attacked Jameson with a camera first thing. We still had to take 15 month photos (barely a day late so that is okay).

He was ornery about the photos, as per usual now, but I did get a great photo of him stacking a block on top of his 15 months!

Then, I headed to sign language class with Jameson (we have just one more), while Brian went grocery shopping. At home, Jameson and I played around outside with Kelly and Lily while Brian got ready for the day and started cooking. We were planning a brunch with the neighbors!

When Curtis arrived back from golfing, Lily was already eating nicely.

And… Jameson had just thrown a temper tantrum (likely related to exhaustion and teething), and so he was already in the crib crying.

Jameson didn’t want to eat any of the fruit, or even the waffles and sausage. He was clearly ready for a nap. After about 10 minutes of crying, I went up and swayed the poor little guy to sleep.

After brunch, while Jameson snoozed away, Brian and I made our homemade gingerbread in preparation for Sunday. It has a stout in the recipe, so I figured that was close enough to a St. Patrick’s Day dessert, right?!

We also de-tagged a bunch of new 18 month clothes for him which is fun and sad all at the same time. It’s like he gets a new wardrobe though! On Sunday, I cleared out a tote full of clothes that no longer fit him (Brian was happy since he usually has to dress him and kept trying things that didn’t fit him anymore, oops!)

The nap was maybe an hour and a half, so shortly thereafter, we dressed Jameson in green and prepared him to go to grandma and grandpa’s house for the NIGHT!

And then Brian and I got dressed up for dinner. French dinner on an Irish holiday. That’s quite alright, since our Irish celebration was on Sunday anyway, and I’ve been waiting to go back to Chez Francois for a couple years. I love this restaurant.

It’s right by the lake, so a bit of  a drive for us, but well worth it.

Brian had lobster bisque and a free range chicken with a side of seafood, and I had mushroom soup and veal (don’t judge, I never get it) with seafood on top and asparagus. It was divine, but the best part was dessert, which always comes paired with a dessert wine. Brian got the raspberry flambeau and I got chocolate ganache tart.

We watched Bad Teacher that evening (a stupidly funny movie). It was a superb date night!

But the best part?

Sleeping in on Sunday.

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