Irish Twins

(No, not in that sense of the phrase)

Jameson and Jonathan dressed up for St. Patrick’s Day in matching polo shirts! It was too cute. We got together with JP and Lisa on Sunday afternoon for an Irish dinner (corned beef, cabbage, potatoes and root vegetables). We were also excited to see their brand new wood floors!

There is always something new happening with babies. They are growing so quickly! Jonathan is walking now, and he had another surprise for us.

Look at that curly hair! Jonathan’s hair suddenly started turning curly in the back. It’s adorable. I wish Jameson’s had turned out curly, but alas, I think he has his father’s hair.

At first, they didn’t play too much together.

But after a nice walk in the wagon they were good buddies.

Jameson had a solemn face most of the ride. It’s funny because I know he loves riding in the wagon. He insists on getting in it every evening, but he always has a serious face while riding.

When we got back, it was almost time for dinner. Jameson discovered Jonathan’s train which he loved.

Jameson also has decided he would like to walk up and down stairs now (with mom or dad’s help, of course, which he is actually permitting us to do which is a first!). At Jonathan’s house, they have a step down living room, and Jameson figured out how to do it himself.

The personality of these kids is just wonderful. Jonathan played peekaboo with his blanket, and Jameson ran away with it.

It’s finally dinner time!

Jameson loves it when I give him whole food, he thinks it’s a special treat. So I gave him a soft carrot or two, not cut up.

Then we stripped the boys down before dessert! We had our homemade gingerbread, while Jameson and Jonathan had jello.

Jonathan couldn’t get it fast enough, so he ducked down and tried to scoop it up with his mouth.

A pair of babies thus stripped down is the perfect opportunity for some more ridiculous photo opportunities.

They loved the fireplace! Whenever Jonathan would go sit down on the fireplace, Jameson would come walking as fast as he could to get in on the action.

Jameson went and crawled under the table, laid flat, pretending he was asleep for a second. He cracks me up! Speaking of, his favorite word from me right now is Ewwww. Whenever I say it, he cracks up. It’s hilarious! It’s made changing time much more fun when I can collapse him with giggles at a word. Oh, I have to make a face with it too, wrinkling my nose.

At the end of the evening, we tried to give them a bath together. There’s only a short window of time you can do that. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be. Jameson seemed concerned with the bubble bath (he’d never had one before).

Oh well! It was worth a shot. We calmed him down with a few stories. Jameson crawled in my lap and we read a couple books.

The End. 🙂

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