High of 80

This week has been beautiful. I am so happy to see flowers popping up everywhere (except my house because we don’t have any early blooming flowers or trees). Brian cooked out on the grill for the first time this season, and Jameson loves to watch.

We’ve been taking long walks in the wagon, where I will give Jameson flowers that are growing around the open lots by our house. Except they’re not really flowers, they’re weeds, but Jameson doesn’t know that.

They’re small and yellow and he holds them the whole ride (without eating! most of the time) and he gives me a big grin whenever I give it to him. I need to capture this on camera. Him holding the little delicate flower without eating or shredding it to pieces is momentous in my mind.

The only unfortunate part of the week was this. Oh, and the fact that it ends tomorrow with rain and cooler weather.

He crashed into his toy when he tripped and fell (actually, a little plastic wheelbarrow that I shouldn’t have been letting him play with ANYWAY because it’s an Easter gift. Oops). It’s already looking much better though.

Here’s to more blue skies and happy weather. (I’m raising my water bottle here at work, but pretend it’s a lovely wine glass, will ya?)

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