Easter Holiday, part 1

Saturday my family came up to visit. Jameson’s grandma and grandpa and Aunt Holly were very excited to see him! It was nice outside, so we spent some time outdoors.

It was nice to see my family again. Jameson is a better walker now than he was a month ago when we last saw them. In fact, his daycare daily review sheet said just yesterday:

“Jameson’s favorite activity today was running back and forth in the classroom while screaming.”

As usual, we helped Jameson pick some “flowers”. He wanted to put them back for a little bit though. I can almost see his little mind working the puzzle. But they came from here…

Jameson is really showing expression in the wagon now, I think he’s gotten used to it. He just loves it. Brian, Aunt Holly and Grandpa all pulled him along the wagon.

Aunt Holly loves Sasha (and Sasha loves anyone who will give her pets)

Jameson was very excited to get gifts again (he is the first and only grandchild on both sides of the family)! Little did he know that Sunday would bring more as well.

Grandma selected a dog bag, which was cute, but Aunt Holly’s packaging took the cake. It was sparkly.

We’re book lovers at heart on my side of the family. I’m pretty sure Jameson knew this was a book too because he sat on Grandma’s lap with it still wrapped up.

Jameson has been very into books lately. He’ll go and get them out of his book basket downstairs and bring them to us to read to him. If we’re on the floor, he’ll feel free to climb into anyone’s lap for a story. Just this week, we read a book about puppies which he loves and I love because it doesn’t have flaps to rip off, it slides (our friends had this same book), and he signed “eat” and “sleep” while we read what puppies love to do. It was so fun to see him understand.

For dinner, we had burgers and pasta salad with squash. A true summer style meal, even though it was cool outside. Jameson ate some pasta salad, but showed little interest in much else.

He’s definitely been having eating issues recently that we are working through. We try to offer him a mix of pasta, meat and vegetables for dinner since he gets a lot of fruit at daycare. But often have been following it up with a baby food pouch which he thinks are fun or some cheese.

The day went so quickly and overnight, the Easter bunny arrived!

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