Our Wild Outdoors

Aside from our wild zoo adventures on Sunday, we spent much of our weekend outside. It rained on Saturday, but not until late morning, so whenever we could, we stole a moment outdoors.

Friday evening, I introduced Jameson to chalk. He did try to eat it a couple times, but quickly seemed to figure out that it makes color. I would tell him to draw and he’d mark up the driveway in little spurts. Then he’d walk around with the chalk in his hand and steadily got better at adding pressure to make darker marks.

He seemed more fascinated though with the bucket and wanted to slide chalk out and back into the bucket. Saturday, he dumped the bucket out on the garage floor but luckily it didn’t make too much of a mess. Draw outside only, I frequently told him.

Friday evening we went on a walk, and I may not have mentioned here before but one of Jameson’s best friends at daycare, born just a week apart from him, lives in our neighborhood. We see them more frequently now that the weather is nice in the evenings. They have an older girl and their son Jameson’s age. We saw them on Friday night and stopped for a little while to play.

Jameson loved exploring and playing with new toys, but he didn’t seem to recognize Nathan until it was nearly time to go, and then he pointed and stared for a second and tried to grab his hand. It was too cute!

On Sunday, Brian got a great idea. We have a family/bench style swing which Jameson loved last year and was great for his cranky evenings. This year, we have a baby/toddler swing that we’ve borrowed long term from a friend. However, with no swing set or low hanging branches, we weren’t sure what to do with it. But Brian realized the family swing frame would be perfect for hanging his baby swing.

It’s a little lopsided on occasion since we haven’t nailed getting it level, but Jameson loved his first swing experience!

We also brought out the slide that we’ve owned since our days working for a toy company. Yes, we have been saving toys long before children were ever in the picture. And when I say we, I mean Brian (cue some awwwwws). Jameson is familiar with slides from daycare, so it didn’t take him long to climb up it. He had trouble getting his legs out from under him so he required a little help, but he is a champion slider.

Meanwhile, Brian started chopping down some brush we have in our backyard and the neighbors popped over to play too. They brought over some of their toys too, and Jameson and Lily were good sports for a moment while I snapped this photo of them crammed together in Lily’s car.

All that play required a snack! And Jameson discovered how to feed Sasha. He’s done it without much thought before, throwing food from his high chair, but he started grabbing handfuls and giving them right to her. He thought it was hilarious (as did we, despite ourselves)

We spent all of Sunday outside, and I think I may have gotten a little tan. In April! I have probably gotten more sun already this year than I did for months last year. Jameson is so good for me.

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