Jameson’s most recent word is “bubble”, said last Wednesday as “buh buh” and shortly shortened to “buh”. I have the feeling it won’t be long before he’s imitating all kinds of words. He said “bah” last night for “ball”; he’s just not consistent yet.

He and neighbor Lily were playing together outside, as happens now most nice evenings, and Kelly broke out the bubbles!

Even after tasting it a few times (eww), he continued to try and put the stick in his mouth. Crazy kid.

Lily likes to help him, pushing him up stairs and telling him “No Gi Gi” (like saying the letter “G”) when he is doing something he isn’t suppose to, which is often–you know, like eating the bubble sticks. “Yuck” she says.

His very first nick name, contrary to my many fears of “Jamie” (I really hate that for a guy, I just do), is Gi Gi. Too funny!

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