Friends Carrie & Matt came over last week with their son Nicholas. We had pizza, and Nicholas was an adorable well-behaved little boy, as usual!

He’s starting to walk, but he still loves sitting to sort and stack. His good habits rubbed off a little on Jameson, and they sat together sorting for a solid five minutes.

It was plenty time to get about 20 shots of them together playing. Forgive me for the sharp, heavy-handed black edges in these photos. They aren’t perfect editing. I was tired last night when I did it, and I’ll update them later.

Jameson also spent quite a bit of time flirting with Ms Carrie! He never smiles this big for me now.

He’s an outrageous flirt. And check out that awesome food-filled hair that sticks out on end!

(Great shot of that tooth gap too, right? It still makes my heart hurt)

He would look at Carrie specifically to see if she thought he was funny. First with his little new toy vacuum (which he loves) and then with the pieces of plastic eggs (still out, yes)

In the end though, he couldn’t win her heart and Ms Carrie had to leave. And Matt and Nicholas, too. But we had a blast! They just bought a new house, so we are looking forward to visiting them again soon.

P.S. I made the switch over to manual mode on my camera yesterday evening! I read an article yesterday and it finally clicked! I have shot a regular SLR in highschool, I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to really click with the DSLR. I’m committed now though. I expect photos to dip a bit in quality for a little while though while I get the hang of things.

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