Happy Mother’s Day

For Mother’s Day, Brian made me breakfast and dinnerandtook care of the dishes. It was wonderful. He made my favorite meal (a tortellini with white wine sauce and mushrooms) and surprised me with a superb dessert — homemade creme brulee! Jameson even slept in for me both days until 8. It’s like he knew!

On my very first Mother’s Day, Emma came to visit and we escaped from the house for a bit (so nice, and so needed). This year Brian and I celebrated together with Jameson, and it was perfect and just as needed.

Since our blank wall is now covered in frames, we had to find another corner to take photos this Mother’s Day. I think we did a good job. And Brian took some really great photos!

Jameson likes to say “Cheese” now on occasion. We said it together as Brian took some photos. Except his sounded more like eeeeeeeeeeeeeeezze. And when I looked at the photos later, I could tell which ones he did that in; his grin is funny looking, haha

It wasn’t long before Jameson got silly. He likes to fling himself back or forward and out of my arms, always trusting that I won’t let him fall.

Except last night I almost did, carrying him and his bottle up the stairs to bed. He’s lucky I held onto him until we reached the top as he slowly slipped out of my arms upside down. He thought it was hilarious.

He knows his (and my) eyes and nose. He might know mouth too, or just like to stick his fingers in there.

I’m such a lucky mom.

P.S. Our dear great-grandpa passed away yesterday evening. I wish Jameson would have had the opportunity to spend more time with him, but he was 91 (91!) and lived a long full life. While we celebrate that, we mourn his death.

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