Memorial Day & Work Updates

Goodness I’m a little behind, aren’t I? Work has been very hectic this week, I have barely had time to do posts here or get ready at home because this weekend is Emma’s wedding!!

  • My friend and co-worker, Lauren (who’s baby shower I attended not too long ago!) had her babies on Memorial Day, at an unexpectedly early 32 weeks.
  • Currently, I’m a “one man show” at work and doing trying to do the work formerly done by 3 marketing people and scoped out to be the job of 5.
  • We also have a new intern at work, which is great and hard at the same time (I want to do right by said intern and provide her a learning experience here).
  • Recently, our corporate global president resigned, so there is some corporate upheaval, though everyone is staying very positive.
  • Agency and vendor changes this past month have left me running around, dealing with contracts and budgets and all kinds of new experiences.


But first of all, who replaced my baby and replaced him with a toddler? I feel like I noticed the transition happening in manner and new skills the past couple months, but all of sudden it’s his looks too!

Speaking of skills, Jameson is starting to get interested in buckles. He spent nearly our entire walk one night leaned over trying to buckle up the other seat.

No success yet, but I have never seen him so dedicated.

Memorial Day was so very hot and muggy, reaching the nineties. In Ohio humidity, that definitely calls for a drink or two for the parents.

Jameson and Lily hung out outside for a while, sharing popsicles and lunch. Jameson wanted to steal her cheese.

When they were bored of the water table (and the pool I kept dumping Jameson into but he didn’t quite appreciate), we went over to Lily’s to play with bubbles!

Jameson hasn’t mastered blowing the bubbles, he just takes the wand in and out. Lily, however, has been able to make a few bubbles all by herself!

Lily will be two in just a month and a half or so. And the summer, barely started, seems halfway over already.

P.S. For anyone curious how Lauren’s babies are doing, Morgan and Madelyn will be in the NICU for about 3-1/2 more weeks probably. They are working on developing big, strong lungs!

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