The To Do List

This has been a tiring week, and it’s only Thursday. I even got to skip out of the Monday madness since we were driving back from Emma’s wedding.

But for some reason, it’s hard to get control of life this week. The kind of week when the To Do List feels populated with all the things that have been always been on the list, unnamed, but ignored for months.

The kind of week where you come home from work having not done anything of worth and at home you feel the same, because the laundry is piled up, the fridge is empty, the bathrooms and floors are dirty, and the desk looks like it has a year’s worth of mail and paperwork on it. And if you’re lucky like me you feel guilty because your partner is doing the cooking.

Today I tried to take back some control by listing those things out, that were overwhelming my subconscious with weight. I will try to tackle that list, slowly. But at least now it’s in the open.

  • Paint Jameson’s baby foot and put on display somewhere (from a year ago)
  • Get grandma’s cross stitch framed & hung (from a year and a half ago)
  • Transcribe Jameson’s daycare logs to spreadsheet (been piling up for a year)
  • Start 2012 journal photo book / blog (6 months behind)
  • Send in old photos to be scanned (from a year and a half ago)
  • Add screen protector to camera screen (purchased months ago)

And then maybe tonight I’ll do a load of laundry.

And tomorrow maybe we can talk about working on planning office furniture, laundry racks, and a garden bed.

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  1. I definitely know that feeling! I usually find that making a list helps me segment out what I need to do and actually make progress. Although lately, I feel exactly like you do. Piles of laundry and tons of projects I haven’t gotten around too. :/

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