Sour Face

We still have problems getting Jameson to eat what we consider to be “enough”. I’m starting to think that maybe that’s just our perception and he’s eating plenty for his size. I wonder how much the daycare gives him at lunch when they say he eats “all”.

Maybe it’s just us?

He definitely has foods though that he won’t touch now unless they look more like what mom and dad are eating. For example, hot dogs are only eaten when they are sliced like skinny carrot sticks, rather than chopped up.


(You like the tongue wagging out like a dog in that video? Brian is doing that in the background, Jameson is just imitating him)


Yesterday, he insisted on a whole mushroom rather than one cut in half. Just in half, but it wasn’t good enough. Although pasta in any form is always good.

I can say though that even if he doesn’t seem to eat enough by my standards, he is pretty good about trying new things. Even if they come right back out.

Last week, Brian made a sausage that he cooked with onions. The sausage was fabulous, but the onions? Notsomuch. Even I didn’t eat them, and I eat most anything.

This is Jameson’s uh-ohhhhhhh face (he knocked over his juice, which is always fun). Can you anticipate what’s coming?

Yes, Jameson grabbed a very peppery onion and put it in his mouth.

It took almost 10 minutes to really calm him down. We had to take him outside for a popsicle, since he refused to eat or drink anything else after that.


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