Last week, I had to explain to one of Jameson’s teachers why he was saying “baby” all the time in class…

…Not that kind of baby!

Jameson’s new favorite book is “Baby Beluga” from his Grandma; it’s a sing-along book based on the music by Raffi.

I have asked most everyone I know now if they have heard of Raffi, and it’s about 1 in 20 who have. But I grew up on his music, so I didn’t even need the CD to be able to sing Baby Beluga to Jameson.

It wasn’t too long before it became his favorite book, and one of the first books that has no soft fur to touch or pop ups to grab that captures his attention. One day, I sang it to him 7 times in a row.

I’m so good now that Jameson can spend all his time looking at his favorite page with all Baby Beluga’s friends on it. You can see it in this video:


(I love Jameson looking through the book, saying “baby”. Not too much of my singing, thank goodness!)

Yesterday, he was going through his book basket and he kept saying “baby” and swaying back and forth like we do when we sing. It was upstairs, so we had to go get it. Story time is my favorite time (as long as we’re not reading 10 Tractor and Truck books in a row. Let’s stick with the animal books, okay Mr. Jameson?).

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