Hiking Kendall Lake

Saturday, we decided to go hiking around Kendall Lake.

This was our second hike with Jameson in his baby backpack; the first hike was just a little over half a mile as a test. The hike around Kendall Lake was pretty mild with just one larger hill and was one mile around.

The lake has a lot of life. At first it seems muddy or dirty, but that is because of all plant life growing in it. It was teeming with fish, and we saw evidence of beavers on the stripped trees along the path right next to the lake.

Jameson enjoyed himself. He likes to sip water during the hike and drank almost the whole cup by the time we finished.

It’s nice to be able to get up and go with Jameson now. We simply toss his small diaper carrier holding a couple diapers, wipes and mat, and some water and off we go! Well, after applying a bit of sunscreen too. I think Jameson does have a bit of a tan, but no burns, which is important.

The trail is very dynamic! We went through a tunnel, in and out of woods, and around cattails and streams.

Jameson would reach out to touch some tree bark every two or three steps. Brian has shared a memory with me how his grandfather used to take him to the woods behind his house and collect bark; we didn’t do any collecting here since that is bad for trees, but it is fun to show Jameson these textures and how fun nature is.

Jameson is becoming very observant. At home, he will spot the smallest ants on the pavement, pointing at them and avoiding them. I think he saw the fish we pointed out to him in the lake for sure! I’ve shown him little toads and daddy-long-leg spiders in our yard as well.

After our hike, we stopped at a farmers market for fresh zucchini on the way home. We also treated ourselves to garden herb sausage from Bluebird Meadows Farm after tasting a wonderful sample as well as some Ohio City Pasta, which is always excellent.

It was a perfect, relaxing Saturday and exactly what we needed after the wedding events last weekend! We needed time to unwind, mow the lawn, do some laundry and take a hike.

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