Daddy Day

Last year, taking photos for Dad’s Day was much, much easier. He sat nice, even through 3 wardrobe and set changes. I had some funny outtakes, but it was nothing compared to this year.

I’m not joking when I say I barely had 3 usable photos (let alone, vertical ones to use in the frame we already purchased). The entire shoot went something like this:

He immediately threw every letter to the ground. I had mere moments to capture, unless he was completely distracted by a window or bubbles. Phew, I can’t wait until next year, next year he’ll sit still, right??

Along with this photo session, Brian got a memory box from Paper Coterie to store his ticket stubs, bumper stickers, and cards in. He had them in a plastic bag before, so this is quite a step up. There are photos of he and I, Jameson and Sasha on the box. It’s the 4th one I’ve ordered from them; I am very happy with the quality of the memory boxes!

He also got new fancy sunglasses. He’s now ready to drive in California! We’re very excited for our upcoming vacation.

We also enjoyed the gift of family on Father’s Day; Brian’s parents came over and sister and her boyfriend with his daughter who we got to meet for the very first time.

He may not look excited here, but I promise you that Aunt Melissa taught him how to put his legs up so she can push him around. He loves it!

While I was upstairs, wishing my own dad a very happy Father’s Day (he spent the day fixing their swing set in preparation for a visit with Jameson–and my own sister, haha), anyway meanwhile I hear loud laughter followed by wailing from Jameson.

Up comes Aunt Melissa, rescuing Jameson from whatever is happening downstairs. (Anyone watch How I Met Your Mother? I felt like The Blitz). Apparently, Sasha was dropping gobs of drool on Jameson’s head and arm, prompting the laughter which was loud enough to frighten him.

Grandma came over then and all was well!

Jameson’s current favorite toy is an empty bubble container. This weekend, he learned how to screw on and off the lid (as long as mom or dad doesn’t screw it on too tight!). He’s obsessed with it, and leaves the clear bubble stick everywhere for us to hunt down.

Our current new favorite game is “falling asleep” on the stairs. Grandma encouraged it, and it’s pretty hilarious until we are midway up the stairs going to bed and he decides he wants to play the game. (Okay, even then, it’s still pretty funny)

For appetizers, Brian (yes, he made his own Father’s Day dinner, but I did make him a fantastic breakfast casserole!) made bruschetta.

The main course was ribs hot dog for Jameson, potatoes and salad. We were excited to try Jameson at the dinner table for the first time, aside from our one disastrous attempt to eat at Red Robin. He did really well, and I think he enjoyed the novelty of it.

We did it again last night, and it seemed to encourage some better eating habits, at least for now.

It’s always a pleasure to eat in the dining room with family. And somehow the table always seems to get filled up with stuff within hours after the event. I don’t understand how that happens.

Jameson danced away in the living room to some Pink Floyd (dads were proud) and then it was time for dessert!

For dessert, berries (on top of angel food cake for the adults). Jameson enjoyed the berries a lot. He even signed “Thank You” a couple times. Why, you’re welcome, Jameson! We love you, and you’re one of the main reasons we get to celebrate!

Happy Father’s Day to all the best dads I know!

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