It’s official, Jameson has reached a year and a half. 18 months.

This month, he started saying two word phrases. For a couple weeks, he was saying Daddy-o, which I am pretty sure means “Daddy Go” (or, where is daddy? or, can I go where daddy is?). More distinctly, Saturday and Sunday both he said, “byebye doggie”!

He is saying a lot more words in general: he no longer signs for “more”, he says “Mo” and signs “please” to go with it. He is starting to say “Uh” for “Up” and sometimes he’ll repeat words when I say “Can you say yellow?” (His word for yellow was pretty accurate!). His words are all distinct, and he clearly knows what he saying even when we don’t (which is often). He currently whispers “pst psh psssss” with his lips, and we all respond back to him the same which he thinks is the best!

Hearing the word “No” from us doesn’t deter him at all, no matter how loudly it’s said. We will get a sneaky look when he is doing something he knows he is not supposed to do. What works is stopping his motion by grabbing his arm or removing him from the situation entirely.

This weekend, he stood on his rocking Elmo toy with no hands. We are very proud of his balance, but we had to make him sit down physically. He doesn’t seem sad or mad when we do it (except if I hold onto his hand and make him stay for a moment), but it distracts him. I’m sure soon we’ll need to set up a specific time out point for him, and it will probably need to have a seat belt or be fenced in.

Sometimes, when he is focused, he will help us pick up and clean up. I had him put away his plastic dishes yesterday from the dishwasher. And, completely on his own, he went to go wipe Sasha’s face with the towel after she drank some water, and Brian had asked me to do it. Jameson standing there holding that towel up to Sasha’s face was the cutest moment!

We let him give Sasha her cookies when she comes in from outside, which could be his first real chore. He’s very good at it!

Jameson has started watching some tv when we let him. Saturday mornings are Sesame Street mornings right now. He will not sit for more than a moment, but he will play and glance up to watch now and again during the show. Last night, Brian and his dad were very pleased that he was enjoying David Gilmore (Pink Floyd) on tv. He would sway and point at the guitars and lights!

Food is still hit or miss. One day he will like something, and the next he will refuse it. Last week, he refused breakfast most of the week, including fruit which was always a hit! But this weekend, he ate blueberries and raspberries like crazy (made some stellar diapers!)

We now cut his hot dogs into slices rather than chopped up, so that he will eat some. He also has started wanting to eat at the table with us. A couple nights last week, he refused all food until he was sitting in our laps. He may just be testing the waters, but when we sat him in the highchair and pushed him up to the dining table last night, he did really well and ate broccoli! I was so excited.

This month, his naps have gotten a bit shorter. He was usually a record-breaking nap taker of 2-3 hour naps at home and at daycare as long as he wasn’t too overtired, but this month it’s been closer to 1-1/2 to 2 hours. However, he is still sleeping well in general. A couple months ago, he appeared to have his first real nightmare, screaming for no reason at night, but it was only one. Since then, he’s been sleeping like a baby 😉

His eczema is all but gone! We started a new regimen of the Aveeno baby eczema lotion (the key ingredient is that it’s an oatmeal colloidal cream) morning and night; and unscented non-comedogenic Cetaphil lotion at the daycare. The oatmeal lotion did the trick! We definitely still see where it was/is. It still occasionally flares up with irritation, so we maintain the schedule even with it mostly gone, but we are so happy we don’t need to use the hydro-cortisone creams anymore after almost 3 months of alternating the cream on and off.


Happy 1-1/2 birthday Mr. Jameson!

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