Our Happy Fourth of July!

I’m interrupting our series of vacation photos in case you are feeling in need of some Jameson photos. Just in case.

Today, Brian and I are both back at work, but we did have yesterday off which I suppose makes it seem as if we had two Fridays this week. Not too shabby. Except today is not Friday, bummer.

So anyway, yesterday morning we went shopping for a little while to find new sandals for Jameson that covered his toes but could handle water, for daycare. We had success, and then wanted to take Jameson out to eat to try him out in public since we haven’t gone out since our minor disaster at Red Robin over the winter. (It is Red Robin, so I don’t know that he was too bad for that place)

Anyway, we couldn’t find a good place open, so we went to Wendy’s, and that went okay except Jameson didn’t want to eat anything other than french fries and paint with ketchup (not eat it). And sip out of dad’s water. We went home and offered him a cheese stick and a pouch of fruit, and then he took a nap.

When he awoke, since we were all getting dressed in our Independence Day finest, I decided it would be a great time for a family photo, since we really hadn’t had one since the winter. We no longer have the blank wall, so I moved us to the living room corner.

I was pretty happy with the results, though I am pushed against the wall a little bit in this photo, but because Jameson is smiling, it won out.

Not too many outtakes this time, but I loved this one of Jameson because he is so excited to pet Sasha!

Then it was time to go to my Aunt Carol’s house. They live a town over, but we often don’t seem them.

We also got to see my cousin Jerry and his wife Lisa and their kids, who also live right down the road from us but we don’t see them much; and my cousin Carrie and her husband Brian and their kids, who live in Maryland, were also there!

My cousin Stacey and her husband Chuck are moving away from Ohio, which is sad, but exciting for them, so we were also thrilled to see them.

(This is Carrie’s daughter Krista, and her Barbie pool, which Nicholas wanted to dump out and Jameson kept thinking was full of bubbles)

It was sweltering hot, so we didn’t stay out for too long! Jameson was very interested in the bubbles, as per his usual now. He had fun putting the bubble wand in and out of the container, which we emptied. It doesn’t seem to matter to him.

We were sorry to see Jerry, Lisa and the kids leave about a half hour after we arrived, but Nicholas was hilarious telling everyone bye very excited and animated!

It was a good excuse to make our way indoors to get relief from the heat! Sophia demonstrated her dress up clothes.

Stacey tells me that this was a flower girl dress from my mother’s wedding, which was funny. It’s on backwards, though Sophia insisted it wasn’t.

Jameson made himself comfortable pretty quick, which I was surprised at since he had seemed so shy in our recent cookout with friends last weekend (I have yet to share that with you).

Maybe it was the older girls? He does seem to love following around older children.

Time for supper! We had to sing Happy Birthday to the USA first at Sophia’s request. Then, the only thing he wanted to eat was watermelon. He didn’t want to try the pasta, which was strange, nor the hotdog.

He did try an olive though, he didn’t like it. But when I put it on his finger, he thought it was hilarious!

After dinner, there was a show. We heard Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, saw some dancing, and listened to some xylophone and electric guitar. All the stuffed animals came to watch.

It’s so easy to watch Jameson when he actually wants to stay in the same room as the other kids. Good fun!

It was a nice little reunion and Fourth of July, reminiscent of when I was a kid and we spent it with that same side of the family at my grandpa’s house. I don’t remember it ever being that hot though!

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