Weekend Roundup

Last weekend was a mishmash of awesome.

We bought new furniture for our office on Friday which actually has some storage; it was on clearance and we’ve been researching for months. It was ideal, and I’m excited to share pictures once the room is in better shape after the furniture arrives.

Saturday we went to the farmer’s market, stopped at the Heritage Festival for a little (it was sweltering), and went back home to the air conditioning. Later, Jameson loved watching dad mow the lawn and at the end got to ride into the shed with him.

(Yes, this is our backyard right now)

We got to see fireworks Saturday night from our porch again like last year, but better!

Saturday night, we gave Jameson a sippy cup instead of his bottle. His last bottle (sniff sniff) was Friday, July 6.

He didn’t even question it; I was shocked, since he knows the word for bottle and seemed very attached to it. Instead, we read about 6 more books because he drinks so slow. He also doesn’t settle down as much, but he’s happy enough to go into his crib just the same.

Sunday, we traumatized Jameson leaving him at childcare at church. Major stranger fear. The rest of the day, he insisted on being right by our side. Also, he didn’t nap.

Since he didn’t nap, we did face time with grandma and grandpa on my new ipad. Jameson was great, he had lots of smiles (not shown here) and he even blew kisses goodbye.

Later after receiving some good news, we went over to his other grandma and grandpa’s for dinner. He was tired, but that didn’t stop him from collecting rocks, sticks and pinecones outside and being very insistent about what he wanted to eat (berries and watermelon, plus some hot dog!)

I call that a successful weekend!

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