We all know its hot across most of the US, and many days this month, we go home and Jameson wants to play outside but we can’t let him for more than 10 minutes or so. Even in the evening sun, the over 90 degree, high humidity weather quickly leaves us both drained, plus we have to put on sunscreen which means that every night would be bath night.

However, last week there was a relatively cooler day and we were excited to spend some time outside! Dad was off doing man things (I can’t recall what, but it must have been manly, right?), so it was just Jameson and I.

I took Jameson on a walk in the evening in his new umbrella stroller, and then we played with some of his ride on toys, and his lawn mower.

Just a boy and his bike…

And his car… Jameson already seems to have the hand over hand motion to turn the wheel. Soon we’ll be removing the platform at the bottom so he can drive it himself!

(Also, he is clearly wondering here why I am taking so many photos!)

Just when I think that’s he’s getting too big, he does something cute like lay down across my legs, relaxing and playing with his bubbles.

I treasure those short moments when he slows down for a bit to relax with me, my wild and crazy little man.

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