Sunflower Summer

This weekend, Brian was off to Vegas for a bachelor party. While he was off hiking and seeing views like this:

I was enjoying this:

It was so hectic though getting Jameson ready this time. Brian left Thursday, and I didn’t leave until Friday at 11:30, so I packed without his help and managed to forget several key items:

  • Utensils and plates for Jameson
  • Shorts, for myself

So, these photos are taken with my mom’s camera, which I left on auto no flash, and with my new eyes, seems absolutely horrible. But okay. Moving on.

Yes, Jameson is in Batman pajamas. I call them in lounge wear, and he rode in the car in them because I thought it might be more comfortable. Plus, he’s adorable.

We were excited that my brother and sister were both home for the weekend (my sister home for the summer from college, and my brother visiting from Florida).

My parents put up a larger swing set in the backyard to accommodate a baby swing which he just ADORED. Unlike when we put him in the baby swing that was attached to our family swing frame, this was a full on 9 or 10 footer.

When I would pull him forward for a big swing, he would yell “WHOA” again and again.


He also enjoyed the fresh strawberries in the patch that seems to just explode every year now his grandparents’ garden. After trying them, whenever we went outside, he’d walk straight to the patch and try to find more, or to go to the swings.

Surprise sunflowers popped up in the garden from the birdseed grandpa puts out, and while Jameson seemed more interested in the low-lying marigolds to pick, he did take notice of them.

Our time indoors was a little harder: Jameson was fine outside, but inside, he wanted to stay near me and played hard-to-get with his grandparents and Aunt Holly and Uncle Tyler. He did, however, say “Meemaw,” repeating after me when I said that was who grandma was; and, he said grandpa for the first time (though not to his face).

After grandpa left Sunday morning, Jameson grabbed his stylus, saying “mommy” (because I have one as well), and I said, “No, that’s grandpa’s” and he said it, though I guarantee I wouldn’t know that is what he was saying if it hadn’t been in context!

All grandma wanted to do was read to him, but boy was this a struggle! He did finally sit for a few books. I’m sure he’ll grow out of it eventually, and we’ll do some more facetime with grandma and grandpa so that he can stay familiar with their voice and faces. It’s hard being away from family!

Naps and sleeping was also hard: I resorted to yelling at him to lay down, and he flattened himself in the crib like he was terrified of me. I felt bad, but it worked. He fell asleep in that flattened out position within 10 minutes of me yelling at him. I didn’t know how else to get him to stop throwing his animals out of the crib (without them, sleep wouldn’t have happened at all).

Twice we went to the playground with Jameson. Early Sunday morning, it was cool enough to spend some time there and we visited 3 playgrounds in the park near my parents’ house. They had one huge toddler area, and I loved seeing Jameson walk up the steps himself with the help of the rail.

Jameson had no fear of the slides, but he turned around on his belly a lot, which made me laugh.

He enjoyed the teeter totter with Uncle Tyler, holding on well (with grandma just out of the camera lens!)

For lunch on Sunday of course we had the traditional spaghetti meal, and Jameson ate 2-1/2 meatballs, which was completely shocking. He ate really well at grandma’s!

And then it was time to leave; Jameson was exhausted, so he slept for 2 of the 3-1/2 hour drive. I occupied him with food, which he threw all over the car, and books, which he really enjoyed so I am saving that for my bag of tricks for the next long drive!

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